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Working with creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and corporate mavericks

I founded Rare Bird Strategic to help people and businesses accomplish great things.

You have great things in mind.

So what's stopping you from finishing a project, expanding your business, launching a new brand, or finding your market? Maybe you need an experienced hand to guide your strategic vision, a wordsmith to help craft your story, or just a digital-age sherpa to help find the way and lighten the load.

I'm that rarest of right-hand helpersone who blends keen intuition, extensive experience, and professionalism with a powerful drive. I can be the catalyst to refine your ideas, amplify your message, and help you and your business thrive in the world.

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11 Cedar Street
Portland, ME 04101


(479) 981-9550

I can help you:

Pursue An Idea

You have the vision. You have the sense of urgency. I can help you make it real. As your virtual partner or CMO, I'll work with you to bridge the gap between inspiration and launch. I can analyze the market, edit and refine your business plan, craft a promotional budget, network, and assemble your dream team.

Get heard (& seen!)

Speak to the people you need to reach, get their attention, and start building the relationships that lead to success. I know how to stretch your marketing budget with savvy strategies, on-point materials, PR & media relations outreach, and targeted social media. I'll pull together the right team of creatives to get the job done.


Rare Bird Strategic can help you evolve from who you are today to who you want to be. We'll work together to take a fresh look at the way you (and your team) do what you do. Grow smart by analyzing your past and present, refocusing on what matters most, and charting a clear course forward.

Put it into words

Craft a message worth sharing. Whether a press release, marketing content, business presentation, speech, or any other form of writing, I can help you find your true voice and deliver the right message.

Tell your story

Find your story and tell it well. Brand is more than just a name and logo, it’s a philosophy and a way of being. Do your customers know who you are? Do you? I'll help you define or redefine an honest identity and message that enthrall your audience and help you to build visibility and long-term viability. 

Define Your Next Step

Are you on the right career path? Are you having trouble navigating your organization's politics? Are you ready to engage laser-like focus on your entrepreneurial dream? I can help you find your path and take the right steps to walk it with passion and confidence.


How I Work.

I can fit right into your organization, work independently behind the scenes, or build a team of creative thinkers and doers tailor-made to your project. After 25 years in various corporate, entrepreneurial, and management roles, I can tap into freelance folks and agile agencies filled with good ideas, great skills, and ground-breaking talent. 

The Malachite Kingfisher has a keen eye and rarely misses his prey — diving quickly and smoothly into the river to capture his fish.
— Audubon


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